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For the memory of 900 deviations, I fixed the posting.
the story 1,2 were erased from the com occident.
The story prceeding now will be story6. After ending, I will fixed the posting.
The trash1,2,3 are almostly the preparence of the next story.

Be happy days and hope I become happy.



Mature Content

6-1 0043
Sorry for long loading.
I was very difficult at rendering this gif file.
The normal com like yours may take 5~10minutes to render this pictures(all pages), But my com took 2~3days. And plus about 30 shut-down(exaggeratingly. haha)
It's not fair. boring.No, I disagree!  I too want to buy the normal com. Frankly saying, I can't see some pictures after making because of the big size. 

Sometimes I can see the big size gif-file only after uploading at this site. 
But thanks for viewing.  haha. I want to see quickly this finished pictures. be happy days!
6-1 0041
On the occasion making a robot, I made the gif file simply. The gun is based on "k11"of ROK army. be happy days.


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xadnav Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017
You'd asked me to tell you of my experiences with taller women.  I prepared an account of that, in response to your comment, submitted it, and the entire thread disappeared!  I was unable to look it up.  So in case you never read it, I copied the backup from text file to here:

I am 5'11" (1.80m) tall.  I'd dated and had sex with women who were my height.  I found it less than satisfying.  But I also had sex with women (not many) who were 6' (1.83m) tall.  It was nice, though not great.  Most were prostitutes.

I live in Peabody, Massachusetts, which is in the northeast portion of the continental United States.  When I did business in the southwest, in southern California, I met with a prostitute who was 6'2" (1.88m) tall.   She had a substantial build -- fleshy, not skinny.  Also she had breast implants, which made her breasts larger.  But they were not stiff breasts; they hung low, like natural breasts.  Anyway, she was cuddly to me -- it felt so good to be in her embrace.  It was nice to look up to a woman, as I have to look down -- way, way down -- to many if not most women.  And when she was on top of me in bed, as I'd previously described, it didn't hurt -- she did not crush me with her weight.  Neither did I hurt her, as it seems so easy to hurt little women.  It felt wonderful to be engulfed by her feminine abundance.  I did have to remind her, though, that I was not a masochist, that I was not interested in bondage and dominance.  I'm sure that many of her clients were into dominance.  We'd met for sex four times while I was in California.

I'd gone to Glamour Conventions in Los Angeles, known as Glamourcons.  There I had opportunities to actually meet and talk to actresses and models, and even Playboy Playmates.  One who I was surprised to see was Christine Williams, a six-foot woman who posed for Playboy's October 1963 centerfold.  I was awestruck!  For me it was like running into your favorite movie star.  I got autographed pictures from her.  She also told me about Playboy's Internet Cyber Web site.  Because of her I subscribed to the site, and got many wonderful never-before-published pictures of Playmates.

At a couple of Glamourcons I was lucky enough to meet and talk to my favorite Playmate, 6'1" Susan Miller, who posed for the September 1972 centerfold.  I felt blessed, and did all I could to make her feel special.  I got autographs, and had my picture taken with her.  An aside:  when I was in high school (secondary school), I had a terrible crush on a girl, a busty, leggy girl who at the time was the tallest girl in our school.  But I was awfully shy back then, and couldn't tell her how I felt.  When I met Susan Miller, I remembered how people in high school made fun of her and how miserable she was.  The girl I remembered from my own high school was also picked on, and because of that I treated Susan better, to kind of make up for her misery.  Okay, several years later, a woman saw me in a supermarket, and introduced herself to me -- it was the same person I'd been so infatuated over in high school!  Well, right away I gave her a warm hug and a greeting.  We got reacquainted, and even dated.  A little disappointment:  she may have been my height when we were 15 or 16 years old, but she left that school at the end of her junior year, and I grew until I reached 5'11" at age 17.  She's 5'8", and no longer impressively tall.

One woman I met who was not a prostitute was 6'6" (1.98m) tall.  I met her through a computer Internet singles outfit.  The reason she was so tall was that she had Marfan Syndrome, which makes the limbs unusually long.  It also made her skeleton more fragile and her vision poor.  She was not beautiful, but she had a heart of gold, as we say in the West -- a wonderful person.  When I see your loving 3D models, they remind me of her -- thank you very much for that.  She and I are not now romantically involved, but we remained friends.  Sometimes I send her interesting news articles or comics through e-mail.  Anyway, she was skinny, yet cuddly to hold.  I loved being around her, and would find myself gravitating toward her and wanting to be with her for no particular reason -- I just loved her company.  She owned her own house, and all the shelves and other stuff were adjusted to accommodate her height -- I actually felt like a little kid in that house!  It was actually a turn-on for me (English vernacular, meaning it was sexually arousing).  So it's fun to see Just and other male characters in your illustrations reaching high shelves.

I had a girlfriend who was in her 40s, a nurse who was studying for her doctorate.  She was a 6-foot-tall brunette, plain-featured, and wore glasses.  What was striking about her was that she had big breasts, with big nipples.  Even though your 3D character Lily is blond, her breasts remind me of this girlfriend.

My last girlfriend was a psychologist, a marriage counselor.  She stands 6'3" (1.90m) tall.  We had the most interesting conversations together, because she was so intelligent and understood a lot about human nature.  And when she hugged me, it was like being swallowed up in warmth, comfort, and joy :-D  She was in her 50s and past childbearing age, so she no longer had to worry about birth control -- however, before we would make love, she insisted I be tested for sexually-transmitted diseases.  If I tested disease-free, she would have sex without a condom, or as she put it, "go natural."  She had long legs, and long arms she would use to engulf me in her warmth and love.  I would so look forward to the times we would get together.  When we made love, it was sweet and wonderful.  I could tell she liked me just from the way her pussy would juice up in anticipation to our fucking.

We lived in different states -- me in Massachusetts, and her in New York state.  Eventually she broke off with me, but we remained friends.  I've even been sending her Christmas presents through the mail, including health foods.

There are other tall women out there, but alas, they're not interested in me.  I have few enough dates with my high standards that I treat the women well, and never take them for granted.  I'm not interested in women much smaller than I; to me it would feel like dating a little girl, and I'm not a pedophile.
idleidole Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017
Thank you. Xadnav. I replied to your comment. but I can't find where my reply is.
Again write,Wink/Razz   
You're Lucky guy. you must thank to the god. haha.
I hope listen your experience frequently. happy days.:happybounce:  
xadnav Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
You might be interested to read that my 6'3" girlfriend from New York said in an e-mail, "Most men don't like women taller than they, but God put that desire in you and it's SO COOL!"  She emphasized just like that.

What I did not tell you were times when women rejected me and how terrible it felt sometimes.  At Harvard University there was a tall basketball player I admired.  I'd sent her flowers, then introduced myself to her after a game.  She behaved coolly toward me, but I thought it must be because she was shy.  I had no idea that she was terrified of me!  She actually got the police after me.  I explained my side of the story to the policeman, and cautioned him, "Be careful.  What's happening to me here could just as easily happen to you."  I agreed to never go near the student, and that was that.

For reasons like this, I try to think in positive terms, and think in terms of giving emotionally, rather than taking.  There are learned people who say we ought to give, to pay a fair and just price for what we want, since Nature frowns on our getting something for nothing.

I want to be accepted and loved, but I also want to be the kind of person who deserves it.  When I look at you, I see a wonderful person who deserves the sweet things you yearn for.  I do hope Nature smiles on you and you receive these blessings.
idleidole Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
What thinking  is different from doing in real. In that sense, you are a positive man. Sending flowers is very courageous to my side. I want to learn the your behavior.
"Nature frowns on our getting something for nothing" is very impressive to me. There are many things that we pass over. Taking so much seems to need giving so much effort. But most people behave to get for nothing, thoughtlessly like me. Thank you for comments. be cool days.Wink/Razz 
sososte Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017
do the girls ever dress the men up in baby clothes?
idleidole Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017
Yes. Men's size changed but theirs were changed simply, be good days.
sososte Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017
love the size ratio great site . love it
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idleidole Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
I am planning SWF file in bar scene. But wait for little more time. Thank you . mahdiu.
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